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Intel Advanced-N 6235: WiFi working but not Airdrop nor bluetooth


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My E6440 has wifi working upon installation using my EFI, when I search for bluetooth and airdrop, my device is visible.

For airdrop: when I select my device and try to send anything from iPhone via airdrop, it shows "waiting..." but never send anything.

For bluetooth: I connected my device to my iPhone, but I can't send or receive anything!

I searched on this forum and I found this link:


I installed separately and restarted:





But still I have the same problem.

I have Big Sur installed 

My device:


i5 4310M

Modem: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235



I attached the EFI, but to be able to upload it I removed AirportItlwm and itlwm because the file is too big, also I removed the resources.



AD EFI.zip

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https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10117-half-size-pci-wifibluetooth-card-for-airdrop1st basic rule re: Hackintoshing: get to know your hardware as they wrote at Dortania!


E6440 takes full and 1/2 mini PCIe cards. It's not really a matter of picking a card compatible with the E6440 (there is no whitelisting so any mini PCIe cards can be fitted), it's a matter of picking the card compatible with the target version of macOS. There too, look this up in our FAQ and in our Tech Info/R&D->Wireless sections. Just browse and search a little really... -_-


Plenty of existing (old) threads on this very matter in E6xxx and Archive sections too. Eg:



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