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Dell Vostro 5568: DRM fix for Netflix + AppleTV under Catalina?


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Hi Guys,


I've just installed Catalina on my Vostro 5568 same as the OP in this thread.

everything works fine except the known issues.

Intel internal WIFI works great with the itlwm.kext.

The only issue that I have is how to fix the DRM problem (Netflix and TV+ doesn't work)
I tried to read about WhatEverGreen but I did not understand anything lol.

Can you guys please help me with a more straight forward method on what to do?





p.s I also installed Big Sur 11.6 on another SSD on my vostro and it also works with the 11.3.1 open core files that you guys shared :)

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No DRM fix for Netflix with Safari on Hackintosh laptops with Intel graphics, no.




On my Haswell or Skylake Hackintosh laptops, trying to view Netflix contents in Safari immediately results in a "Error code S7706" message. On my Ivy Bridge/HD4000 Latitude E6230 I can watch Netflix contents in Safari 14.1.2 under Catalina 10.15.7 (build 19H1417) or Safari 15.0 under Catalina 10.15.7 (build 19H1419) for just over 1 x minute before the screen goes green irrecoverably. This is something Shiki used to be able to fix but it has not been the case for years.


Apple TV works ok for watching movies. Certainly works on all my Ivy Bridge/Haswell/Skylake Hackintosh laptops. 🍏TV+ or TV Shows won't though.

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