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Optiplex 9020: trouble booting with OpenCore


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DP port i find another EFI dir and work

But i need info to config SMBIOS

need  mac address ??

i need use GenSMBIOS ?


Name and Location of GenSMBIOS Parameters in Clover/OpenCore

GenSMBIOS          |          Clover Configurator          |          OpenCore config.plist
Hardware UUID*     | System Parameters > Custom UUID       | N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic
Board ID           | SMBIOS > Board-ID                     | N/A in PlatformInfo > Generic
Serial Number      | SMBIOS > Serial Number                | PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemSerialNumber
System ID          | SMBIOS > Sm UUID                      | PlatformInfo > Generic > SystemUUID
ROM**              | Rt Variables > ROM                    | PlatformInfo > Generic > ROM
MLB                | SMBIOS > Board Serial Number          | PlatformInfo > Generic > MLB


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