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HP Probook 450 G5: BIOS update-related battery issue


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Hi everyone,


as per title (and in signature), I encountered an issue when my laptop updates the bios: latest bios update was quite mandatory (due to a problem with embedded batteries). I'm able to downgrade it but, at reboot, bios starts again to update to the latest version (01.17) without any possibility to avoid the procedure and to stop it.

The issue: this latest bios gives me an acpi battery error and shows me no battery at all in macOS (both 11.6 and 12.0.1 RC2).

I'm not at all an expert in acpi patching so I'm here to ask you an hand. I already tried to patch it using SSDtime but with no effect.

You can find as attachments the current EFI, the acpi tables extracted with OC 0.7.2 debug, ioregistry file and some screenshots (I have a video of boot verbose, if needed).

Hope this can help to understand the issue (and to make you solve it).


Thank you so much in advance



MacBook Pro di Marco 2018.ioreg.zip EFI.zip SysReport.zip

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Checking well, I notice graphic IDs NOT suitable for Kabylake Refresh CPUs, I modify the EFI and leave here the new EFI to be tested. The purpose of this EFI is to create a very functional and suitable one for the use of Open Core Bootloader. The EFI that I find on the net for Elitebook or Probook were created for Clover bootloader use, the old Rehabman files must be adapted to the needs of the new bootloader. Opencore does NOT like rename in configplist, best thing is ACPI changes and proper use of IF darwin.



New EFI for TEST in USB , if start Ioreg.

Thank's for all ....


Analyzing data at the 1st Post I notice that the trackpad is NOT active. Below the images of ioreg demonstrating that GPI0, I2C0 or I2C1 must be activated. So my develop is a functional EFI for these models.






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