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Latitude 7490: unable to update to Monterey


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Hello guys,

I've used some Opencore EFI folders shared on this page for my Latitude 7490. I think I started with Big Sur 11.3 and managed to update it all the way to 11.6.1

I've recently tried to update to Monterey, and it didn't work. This is what happened:

1- I went to Apple Logo - About this Mac - Software Update

2- I clicked on update now, agreed to the terms and conditions, and confirmed the hard drive to install to.

3- The downloading begun and took some minutes (12 Gb download)

4- The laptop rebooted, and on the OpenCore menu I selected Macintosh HD.

5- The verbose begun and got stuck on the attached pictures for some seconds, after which the laptop rebooted and the same happened once and again if I chose "Macintosh HD" on the OC pickup.

6- After several tries on which I verified exactly the same happened over and over, on the OpenCore pickup I selected "macOS" and booted back to Big Sur.


Doe anybody have a clue on what may be wrong?





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In my case, updating the bootloader to 0.7.4 helped, also updated lilu, VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen, then I updated OpenCore Configurator to the latest version, opened my config.plist in it and just clicked save, only after that I was able to complete the update .. ...

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Mind sharing your EFI? About to update my 7390 (based on Hervé's 7490 Catalina build) with a fresh install of macOS Monterey. Building an USB (w/ OpenCore) with Monterey as we speak. Would be nice to have a decent example of a working EFI for Monterey based on 7490.

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