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Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Update


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Apple has just released the 10.8.1 update for mountain lion macs.


It is extremely simple to update (nothing like 10.7.4 which was an absolute nightmare!!!)


Just go to software update, select the 10.8.1 update and let it do its thing.


It will say that the installation of the update failed, this is normal, and the update has actually installed.


Reboot, and you now have 10.8.1.


Everything still works!


Hope this helped,



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That's quite normal: it's just the speed (the lowest at that point) at which your CPU was running when you launched GeekBench. You'll probably see that if you quit GeekBench totally (not just close the main window) and re-run it, it'll show you a different frequency, probably the highest one too. If your Hackintosh runs the SpeedStep simulator, you can try and manually select a given frequency before you run Geekbench and you'll see that particular speed displayed at launch time.


When operating in dynamic mode, the speed displayed does not make any difference to the end result.

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