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Latitude 5410: Ventura mostly working


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Hi all,

I've got a Latitude 5410 with i5-10310U "Comet Lake" which is running Ventura via Opencore 0.8.6. I'm no expert on this so the EFI is mainly based on EFI's that I've found for similar machines. The display/framebuffer settings are straight from another EFI (Latitude 5400 I think, which has a 8th gen Intel) so most certainly not correct, but I don't have time to learn how to fix this right now.


  • Main issue: Won't start up from sleep when you press the power button. The button is lit a couple of seconds, then goes dark again. If I plug in power, it briefly shows a battery icon and percent charged on screen, then it goes dark again. When in this state the only thing to do seems to be to hold the button for several seconds until it powers off properly. It's still there with "hibernatemode 0" and "darkwake=0".
  • No HDMI out (DP over USB-C works).
  • Intel WiFi shaky. Running AirportItlwm alpha 2.2.0 it works but takes a couple of minutes to connect. I've replaced the card with a BCM94360CS2 which works perfect without kext, but required some modifications to fit with the adapter.
  • Brightness: Fn+S/Fn+B is working, but not Fn+F6/Fn+F7
  • UPDATE WITH ALSO MAIN ISSUE: Random ghost presses on keyboard/trackpad. Impossible to use for anything proper.



  • 4k@60Hz over DP
  • USB speeds. If I use USBInjectAll or USBToolbox with custom map the trackpad won't work and touching it makes the keyboard stop working.


I hope that this can be of use for someone, and perhaps get some suggestions on the issues.



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I've used this laptop sporadically, and also there's something *really* strange with the keyboard, trackpad or both. I get lots of "ghost" presses, where the cursor jumps around in the text and even typing this is difficult. Not just the cursor, but random things happen alll the time. Not usable besides watching videos on the sofa unfortunately. Suggestions appreciated!

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Haven't had time for this for a while but swapped the disk and installed Windows today. Still in a hurry so haven't had much time to reseach myself, but some quick hardware ID's here:


The HID-devices seems to be mostly "DELL09A0". That's both for "HID Compatible Trackpad", and "I2C HID-Device".


Keyboard: VID_05AC&PID_820A

Or for "Standard PS/2 Keyboard" it's VEN_DLLK&DEV_09A0, so the 09A0 seems to be central.


While googling the ID's I came up on this post on this forum as well, and it's got some more HW info:











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