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E7270: Bluetooth disabled after update Ventura 13.4


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My Dell Latitude E7270 laptop is installed with MacOS Ventura 13.3 and boots using Opencore from @Jake Lo which I took from :



Everything looks good and works normally. I updated to MACOS Ventura 13.3.1 and 13.3.1a and all functions work normally, including bluetooth. But after I updated to MacOS Ventura 13.4 my bluetooth became disabled and there was nothing I could do.


My E7270 uses DW1830 AC BCM943602BAED NGFF M.2


Please help to solve bluetooth problems on E7270 with MacOS Ventura 13.4. Your kindness to help me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.



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I've done according to your suggestion, but nothing has changed. Bluetooth is still disabled or not active.

Just for information, that I'm NOT using an Intel wifi card, but I'm using a Broadcom wifi cardDW1830 AC BCM943602BAED NGFF M.2


Maybe you have another way?

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Clearly the Intel kexts were not going to be of any help for your Broadcom card.


I've seen other people reporting similar issues at InsanelyMac but those were using cards based on BCM4352 chipset. It looks like Apple have done changes to Bluetooth again so look or wait for updated Broadcom injector/firmware kexts. Maybe it's time to consider switching to a real Apple Card on an adapter.

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Thanks, I tried that, and it worked, but only once.
After the keys are added in config.plist and then the laptop is restarted, the bluetooth is successfully activated/enabled. However, after the laptop is turned off and on again, Bluetooth becomes deactivated / disabled again. Furthermore, every time the laptop is turned on, Bluetooth has never been activated/enabled again until now.

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