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[Solved] Dell Latitude E6530: randomly freezes when put to sleep/wake up under Big Sur/OpenCore


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I have Dell Latitude E6530 which freezes mostly after wake up(sometimes when I put it to sleep), so I have to manually turn laptop off using a pwr button.

Sometimes I can repeat Sleep/Wake Up cycle up to 2-3 times. Another time it hangs after the first wake up.

What I tried: hibernation off, Opencore update,disable dGPU via SSDTs(currently using boot-flag -wegnoegpu).

I've followed the guide from the FAQ to send debug report but couldn't generate report file(mount: / failed with 66).

Also I've noticed that wireless networking indicator starts blinking when system freezes after waking.I link my EFI folder and IOreg logs. 


1366x768 screen


HD 4000 + NVS 5200M

System: macOS Big Sur 11.7.8.

Opencore 0.8.8


IORegistry.zip EFI.rar

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I experienced the same with Big Sur when using OpenCore on my E6230. See my guide. I never managed to identify the root cause. Switching to Clover with what was, in essence, an identical setup sorted the issue. I never went back to OpenCore on that laptop.

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