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Random UI Freeze in D630 intel 1440x900


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I am using 10.6.8 on D630 intel 1440x900 with a dell port replicator and an external monitor. Everything works fine except at random times the UI freezes completely. I had the same problem in Lion as well, on the same machine. I followed the EDP bootpack process to install 10.6.8. There is nothing in the logs but I have observed that this problem happens under certain conditions that I am listing below. Please feel free to add your observations and hopefully someone can pick a pattern and fix it.


- It started happening after I installed Quicktime version 10.0. Recording a screencast in Quicktime is one of the surest way of triggering a UI freeze.

- Editing large movies in iMovie'11 version 9.0 build 1073 can also trigger a freeze but not as often a recording in Quicktime does.

- Viewing a content heavy page in Safari can sometimes trigger a freeze.


Common culprit in all of the above is Quicktime so that might be it but I am not sure.


If it is working well for you then please let me know what version of Quicktime of iMovie you are using.




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I have a kind of good news to share. After I uninstalled the flash player, number of UI freezes on my d630 with SL went down substantially. It used to be maybe thrice a day but now it is like twice a week. I also have done less video editing recently. I downloaded the uninstalled from Adobe's website to uninstall flash. However, there is still a built-in flash plugin in Chrome. I haven't disabled that so far.


I haven't experimented with DSDT injections and GPU kexts seem to be relatively stable for now.

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