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D820 SL 10.6.0 problems installing


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Hello everyone,


I have a D820 that I am trying to isntall OSX SL 10.6.0 on and I keep running into issues.




I have followed the tutorial on the main part of the page, and when I go to install everything goes smooth untill i select my bootpack d820  and when I click Yes to remove the extension that could be problematic ,after i hit "Yes" for the second message out of three, the message comes up saying there was a problem and I need to restart my computer. 


I tried D620's bootpack and I couldn't even get the select your language screen to appear.


I tried using a generic extra folder or whatever its called on a clean install, and It installs successfully, but when I go to restart, it boots up and I see the spinning thing at the bottom, and then the screen goes black and I cant get the display back, but the PC is responsive and I tried GraphicsEnabler=No and it worked for an extra minute but screen went black again.



I am not sure what I am doing wrong here as I been messing with this for hours and I keep reinstalling the OS. Surely its something stupid.





1.83 T2400 core duo

1gb ram

60gb hdd

intel integrated graphics


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Okay I managed to get OS finally loaded with the D620 1200x800 bootpack. It did crash but when I went to restart it loaded up the User Account Creation just fine
and i can load to the desktop.



Now I am dealing with sleep crash, no wifi or ethernet, audio or battery, and a dodgy trackpad.


I know the wifi wont be a chance due to having the intel 3945 adapter, but I do have a PCMIA wireless card that may work? who knows. Its a Belkin F5D9010.


I cant install EDP due to not having any internet connection, so I am kinda stuck right now.




Thanks everyone! everyone responds so quick!

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Ethernet should work. All other things should work after EDP ;-).


Could you send a screenshot of the contents in /Extra/Extensions.


And open terminal and tick:

myfix -t /
Then try again :).
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Hello again,


I managed to get the ethernet working with that command :) thanks


I selected my bootpack for the EDP and I got the battery icon to popup so thats good.


The audio is still not working and either and the trackpad is still acting up.

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