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Bluetooth Firmware Uploader

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0cf3:e005 appears to be Atheros AR3012. It is not in the list of supported devices of p1 so follow the instructions given on that page for such instances. Simple, eh? May not work of course!

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On 1/15/2019 at 2:10 AM, rotoyouoio said:

I have found a dirty way to make ar3012 and perhaps other stuff initially supported by this kext work in 10.13.6.

No VM or other crazy methods are needed.

What I've done is I installed 10.12.6 usb kexts over the original:


IOUSBHostFamily.kext.zip 801.12 kB · 67 downloads   IOUSBFamily.kext.zip 800.21 kB · 61 downloads



Do I need any other kext for BT to work(eg: `BTFirmwareUploader.kext`)?
Mine is working with the VM method. But I want to load without opening VM.

I replaced both the `IOUSBHostFamily` and `IOUSBFamily` from S/L/E. and kept  BTFirmwareUploader.kext inside `Clover/kexts/Others`. Still bluetooth is not getting detected.

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My card was natively recognized on mac Catalina but didn't find any devices ( magic mouse and magic keyboard ).

Would somebody give me a solution?


PS: The card was not recognized on mac Mojave as here: 


Vendor ID: 0x0CF3

Product ID: 0xE005


Thank you.


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Why do you keep posting about that same old issue in this thread when a solution has already been posted here and here?


This being said, if this still fails to sort out your DW1707 Bluetooth issue, I think it's fair to say that:

  1. given it does not work in High sierra
  2. given it does not work in Mojave
  3. given it does not work in Catalina

it probably will never work (again).

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