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Bluetooth Firmware Uploader

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I cobbled this together from some of rehab mans plist entries plus some of my own and a new binary compiled from xcode 9 it works for me in HighsSierra for DW1550 might work for a few other models 


Nice Cobbling! :)


Working on my DW1702, AR5B195, with High Sierra, 10.13.2


Thank you! :)

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Hi everybody,

This is the first time i use BluetoothFirmwareUploader, unfortunately it was on HighSierra which is currently not supported, anyway i noticed that when i installed the kext, rebooted to windows then restarted to HighSierra, the bluetooth worked flawlessly, if i put the system to sleep or i do a fresh boot it just stops. I'm open to your suggestions to find a solution, here is some info about my Bluetooth device (Atheros) collected using a windows software : 

bLength	0x12
bDescriptorType	0x01
bcdUSB	0x0110 - Spec# = 01.10
bDeviceClass	0xE0 - Wireless
bDeviceSubClass	0x01 - Radio Frequency
bDeviceProtocol	0x01 - Bluetooth
bMaxPacketSize0	0x40 - 64 bytes
idVendor	0x04CA - Lite-On Technology Corp.
idProduct	0x3018
bcdDevice	0x0001 - Device# = 00.01
iManufacturer	0x00
iProduct	0x00
iSerialNumber	0x00
bNumConfigurations	0x01

Thanks in advance.

PS: i've seen some posts talking about an IOath3kfrmwr.kext alternative, does it support HighSierra? How to use it ? 

I found a linux driver which includes my device Vendor/id, but i don't know if that help: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/bluetooth/ath3k.c

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You mean RehabMan, i've spoken to him before but not regarding bluetooth as i've seen him telling people having similar hardware that their devices are just not supported and there is nothing to do, anyway i'll try to to tell him what i noticed later, may be he can suggest something useful. For the mean time, i'll be always open if anybody here has some ideas...


PS: I've moded my previous post, is there a specific procedure to use "IOath3kfirmwr" ? 

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the reason it works after loading windows and rebooting is that the bluetooth module retains the firmware on restart. then it gets wiped on shutdowns. you might look further into that and maybe dump the firmware and add it to the kext I believe both Dinesh and rehab man kexts mention how to do this in their guides for the kexts.

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Thanks a lot!!!


I am from China and I like Hackintosh.I have seen many many posts,but at last I found what I needed here!!!

My OS is 10.12 Sierra,it's a pity that the bluetooth devices can't work well.

Hope your kext will take effect. :-P

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