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missing audio after successful install on Samsung R530 mavericks


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could you please point out how and where i can change this setting with chameleon wizard? :oops:

Launch Chameleon Wizard, under org.chameleon.boot tab, on the bottom right is Graphics Mode. Check it and change the resolution with the drop down.

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checked both with chameleon wizard, and both are already there. still no iMessage...




what worked for me was : deleting all files in the directory modules ( in extra ) then only install the Nvram module via chameleon wizard, reboot and tadaa!! i have iMessage...


thank's guys!

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hi guys,


i have succesfully installed mavericks using your EDP method.


the only thing i cannot get to work is the audio, it seems to work after the OSX installation, but i don's hear anything.


the only option i got is digital out, but i want to use the mic and internal speakers aswell.


any idea?


kind regards,


Henk Bouwman


I've succesfully installed Mavericks without EDP, but with MyHack..


With EDP I lose control over what is going on...


Everything is working, but sleep.  I haven't tried to implement sleep.


Very !! glad the battery-indicator is working now ( didn't in Lion.. ).





from Holland too 

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