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Intel 7260 Dual-Band M.2 NGFF Card


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Hi, i have a Problem, i've got everything working, except for the Intel 7260 ac wifi m.2 Card.


The Problem is, i have an Asus UX301LA,

This Notebook has only the NGFF (m.2) socket for the wifi Card!...


I cant replace it, since there is no broadcomm wifi Cards for the m.2 socket...


If anyone has any suggestions, im open to them :-)


1. I would, if i could, replace them.

2. I dont think there are, but if there are any Drivers, will be nice too :-)


Cheers :-)


EDIT: Bluetooth 4.0 is working with this card!

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Intel wireless cards are not used by Apple; never have been; so you'll never find a driver, they're not supported. You have to consider a replacement card (but is there a NGFF/M.2 model currently supported under OS X ?) or a USB alternative.

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Ok, thats what im looked for..

Seems there are at the moment no other Wifi adapters for the NGFF M.2 Port... Only the Intel 7260 Card...


There is only BCM4352 or BCM4360, but its for the mPCIe 2.0 Port and not the M.2 NGFF Port.

Here are some Pictures between this 2 Ports:




And here is a Picture of the BCM4352 Card (mPCIe 2.0):



And here is the BCM4360 from the MacBook:



I dont know which form factor this is on the Macbook, but it seems like M.2 NGFF in a longer version...


This is my Mother Board:




So if the Macbook uses the same formfactor, i could replace my card. I dont think there is a bios/uefi wifi whitelist on my UX301.

If there is any, i dont think its not that problem to add that card or disable the whitelist...


But i don't know which formfactor that is...



2. The other option is indeed a USB Wifi...



Found this one, its small and compatibel to Mac OS...


But this should be a workaround solution...


Only if there are no M.2 Wifi Cards avaible...




3. I can fully recommend the Asus UX301 for a hackintosh!

I got nearly all working, FN Keys, thanks to EMlyDinEsH, sleep fixed, usb 3.0 working, only Wifi and Touchpad left!

Seems like the most things worked OOTB, i recommend to use smbios of the Macbook Pro 13 11,1!

The UX301LA has the same Hardware as The MBP 13 Late 2013, only the difference in Wifi Chip and Touchpad!



Im open for suggestions!

Thanks very much!

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oh the seller is uniwifi. mention osxlatitude and see if he gives you a bit of a discount.


Too late Bronxteck :-)

I have him in Skype, and I'm trying to help him to get ubuntu showing in clover :-)

But i don't get a discount :-)

However he needs the money, and i need this card very much :-)

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