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Latitude E7240


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Here you go. Using pokenguyen's patches for E7x40


Thanks, Jake.


Let me update what is my current position.


I follow the steps to use clover EFI to install a new hard.

I use 10.9.3.

It installs with no problem.

However, I am still unable to boot to the first configuration screen without going back to safe mode.

I have put in various kexts (VoodooHDA, USB), DSDT and SSD back to the EFI/Clover directory

Use clover configurator to configure the config.plist


What I have now is

No QE/CI despite i inject my id-platform-id into the config.plist or during clover boot up

It shows 7MB ram.


Other works well. Sound - ok. Keyboard and mouse work, Bluetooth - no error; Intel E1000 works


Is there something strange with my built in display card? It does not show up correctly in DCPIManager.


My specs is

Latitude E7240

CPU  i7-4600U

Screen is just 1920x1080 touch screen but I understand touch screen is under a USB Amxel device.

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I wish to update what I have experienced.


When boot with -x into safe mode, I can see the internal display is found as Intel HD Graphics 5000 with 1536MB gram. I can change the resolution and brightness. The device ID is 0a16

When boot with -v only, it won't switch to graphic mode. 


If I use clover graphics injectors in the boot menu, for example 0x0a168086, no graphic mode. If I try other string like 0x0a160000, i can boot into graphic mode and login. But the display is now Intel HD Graphics 4400 with 7MB vram, no screen resolution change allowed.


Could some one help further?


Similar result when I use chameleon boot loader.

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