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new here i need help for installation


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I'm new in this forum and i don't knwo nothing about Hackhintosh.

But i have order one mac mini for my home, it will come soon.

And because of this i would like have the mac OS one my other computer too for more compatibility.

My computer is a Samsung serie 9  NP900 X3C.

Can somebody tell me how i can install the OS on my computer?

Sorry if my english is not good.


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hello again i have problem for the installation.

I have download myHack application and follow all instructions but the step "10. Next, you will be prompted about Extra folder; choose “Use My Own†from the list then browse to your downloaded bootpack (i.e. Extra) folder." never appears he finish installation.

ANd when i put usb be key i computer and start nothing happenend i have make that he start on usb key in bios and AHCI mode and enable UEFI .

But nothing windows start all time normally?

Can somebody help me?

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