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Clover on Dell T3500


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Successfully updated to El Capitan from Yosemite running Clover bootloader.


Note: Important to Update Clover bootloader to latest first.


First tested the installation process on my backup internal drive on SSD. Switched off other drives in BIOS.


Update Method: Appstore - no usb installer required for upgrading using Clover.


  1. Downloaded the installer from the Appstore.
  2. Before running the installer - the config.plist (found in EFI partition) must be edited: add (not replace) the following to the section - <key>RtVariables</key>




Credit: see Post#5 here



          4. Add latest FakeSMC.kext to EFI partition → in EFI>Clover>kexts>10.11 folder (you'll probable have to create this folder)


After the Installer app had completed - the system went into a boot-loop. After more forum-searching - it seems EvoReboot.kext was the problem →


         5. deleted EvoReboot.kext from S/L/E by typing the following in Terminal



sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Extensions/EvoReboot.kext
sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions


I also repaired Permissions using Kext Utility app.


          6. Run Install OS X El Capitan.app


Good hack!

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Update: I've got OS Sierra Beta 7 working on the test drive in my machine. Changed SMBIOS using Clover Configurator to MacPro 5,1 and used the Magic Wand button to generate the other SMBIOS field entries.


After adding a 10.12 Kext folder to my main drives EFI partition and updating Clover to latest version - all works except for the current sound issues with Voodoo HDA.


Update: Successful update to 10.12 Final Release using the AppStore method. Sound issues fixed with latest VoodooHDA package.


Update #2: successfully updated to macOS Sierra 10.12.2 using the AppStore. Was getting weird usb keyboard and mouse glitches in 10.12.1 - basically they stopped working but would resume after replugging - this issue has diminished in latest update issue continues after update.



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- First create 2nd partition (Extended Journal) from OS X. Make sure to jot down the size so you won't wipe out the wrong partition when you install Windows on it later.

Hint: don't make both the same size

- Use Disk Utility to prepare a Mac OS X Extended partitions (don’t ever use Fat32, Disk Utility will mess up your drive)

- Create a FAT32 usb drive, extract Windows 7 64-bit iso there (done on a Windows system)

- Boot to Win7 usb drive, select custom install, locate the partition that is not OS X, delete it. Then select it (unallocated space) format it to NTFS, install Windows there.

- Windows will automatically boots back to Windows. Install all drivers...etc.

- Now to fix the boot option

- Go to BIOS, create boot option. Browse to /EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi, give it a Name. Now move the Clover boot entry to top.

- Save and reboot. Now you'll see the option to boot Windows or OS X from the Clover GUI.


To fix the time issue in Windows, launch regedit

navigate to 


create a DWORD (32 bit) value, name it RealTimeIsUniversal. Set the value to 1.



Boot to OSX, then reboot to Windows. You should see time is correctly sync'd up.

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- Now to fix the boot option
- Go to BIOS, create boot option. Browse to /EFI/Clover/Cloverx64.efi, give it a Name. Now move the Clover boot entry to top.
on my PC missing this option, the t3500 boot Legacy mode. 
how i can do?. i update BIOS A002 to A17.
Cheers, thank you for respond.

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What happens when you boot? 

Does it goes straight to Windows or Clover GUI?

If it goes straight to Windows, then boot with the USB installer, select the OS X to boot.

Once logon, install Clover to the OS X partition.


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