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Clover on Dell T3500


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After complete install windows and boot with clover USB and select OS X EL to boot and then install clover again but open EFI found Microsoft folder on this partition.
how i will do. and i will try to install Win 7 and OS x again and report to you.

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That is how I have it in my SandyBridge system E6520, SSD formatted to GPT.

Install OSX in Legacy mode with Clover.

Create an extended Journal partition.

Boot with Win10 (Win7 is that same) USB installer

Select the empty partition and format it to NTFS

When you finish the installation, Windows will be shown as a boot option in Clover GUI.

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Hi guys


I managed to install 10.11.4 with clover in my T3500 six core, 24gb ram and GTX 960 4g, no DSDT.


I'm able to boot, install the nvidia web driver, with no issues.


Suddenly, the system won't boot, but sometimes. I have the apple logo, progression bar, and just before to change to the password screen, the machine reboot


I have windows 7 in a separate drive, so I unplugged it.


OSX seems to boot ok again.


Later, in other reboot, again fail in change to password screen


I had discovered that if I have an USB drive or USB wifi device plugged during boot causes the issue.


Any thoughts? advices?


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EDIT: it is not an usb problem. It happens with or without usb devices plugged in, also with the presence or not of windows disk


Today after a lot of failed boots, I managed to get in osx with secure mode.

Do nothing there, then I rebooted and boot ok.


Very odd problem...



EDIT 2: I have attached to the gtx960 a VGA monitor with a DVI-VGA adaptor... could be that the problem cause?



EDIT 3: Confirmed, VGA connection is the problem, the issue gone with a HDMI monitor

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Greetings folks.. I have recently acquired a Dell Precision T3500 w/ Xeon W3550, 6GB DDR3, Nvidia Quadro FX1800 (Nvidia Webdriver). Sierra 10.12.5 installation method via Clover Legacy Boot. System is running with smbios MacPro5,1. My issues presently: Shall I allow Clover to patch, or is it recommended to extract DSDT/SSDT and patch from those. System is using Null CPU PM, can't seem to get around that for the time being. System "Sleeps" but does not wake to a display. Thanks in advance! 

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