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Samsung R530 installation fails


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SInce a few days i am orientating for a hackintosh system.  Currenly i am using a Samsung R530 (laptop) that i would like to use as a hackintosch device.


I installed mavericks with Myhack en choose OSX installer. after finishing installation, I plugged the USB stick into my laptop and booted with -V and -F


This went oke. I see the OSX welcome screen were i have to choose a language. After i click on a language i instantly get a error message from the OSX installer:


''The OSX installation could not be completed''


I attached a error log.


Does anyone know what is wrong?


Specs of my laptop:


Intel Core i3 @ @,2,16 ghz

Geforce 320M


On other forms i saw that some people managed to install OSX succesfully on this laptop.



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Can you please post your full and detailed specs? For instance, "Core i3 @2.16GHz" is insufficient, we need to know the exact model to identify CPU generation, it's important as it may require to use a patched kernel.

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Processor serie Intel Core i3

Processor type Intel Core i3 330M

Processor clock freqency 2,13 GHz    

Chipset Intel HM55   

4 GB  DDR3  1066 MHz

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 310M



WLAN adapter Atheros AR9285



LAN adapter Marvell Yukon 88E8059

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Ok, so it's a 1st gen Arrandale i3 processor with 1st gen Intel HD graphics. You did not say which SMBIOS profile you used, but I'd say MacBookPro (6,1)/(6,2) will be your closest match.
I don't know if you can somehow limit your graphics in BIOS to either the GeForce 310M or the integrated Intel HD because you can't have both working at the same time. That's unsupported on Hackintosh.
Also, make sure your HDD mode is set to AHCI, it is usually/often required.
Did you use a specific boot pack or just the Generic one?
You 1st said you had GeForce 320M graphics, then 310M. Which is it? 320M is based on GT216 chip, i.e. same chip as 330M used in MBP 6,1/6,2 which would pretty much guarantee full graphics acceleration, whereas 310M is based on GT218 chip and some people have recently reported graphics sluggishness with that GPU...
NB: I think there are numerous models of R530 (initial ones had Celeron/Pentium/C2D CPUs with GMA4500MHD graphics), so bear in mind that what worked for some may not actually work your particular model.

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Thank you for the response.  I dont know what ou mean with SMBIOS profile, but i used a Mac Book Pro and downloaded Mavericks. Then i started up Myhack (before i partioned the USB stich with 1 partition and clicked on MBR in option menu) I choose a generic bootback in Myhack menu.


I am not able to set a Intel graphis chip in the bios or the Geforce one... See attachement of my bios settings.

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Large Disk Access Mode -> DOS

What other settings do you have for that parameter?


On another note, the MBR patch of myHack v3.3.1 is buggy, so don't use it. It's probably the reason for your failures. If you have to install on an MBR partition, download an MBR patch from elsewhere on the net (InsanelyMac, HackintoshOSX, etc.), but it'd be better to target GPT/GUID partition.

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