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Samsung R530 installation fails


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Of course you NEVER remove any kexts previously placed in /E/E when you add a new one! If you do, myFix will remove them all from /S/L/E/myHack.kext and you'll kill your Hackintosh! You need to understand what you do, that's why I keep telling you to read up documentation.

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yeah i tought i read it well but.... anyway..


Wifi is workig now

Sound is working now

App store is working now!


So I made some progress!


Things to do:

-Battery Indicator

-Tochpad is working, but i cannot use ''click'' and ''double'' clock gestructes on te tochpad (i have to use the buttons below (right click and double click)

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I tried Voodoobattery..kext but that did not work...I guy from another forum installed this one succesfully:
However, this is a .SH file and its wants to overwrite some files from a coconut battery driver... ? Thats not installed. And when i do want to install it, it says it only works on a ''real'' MAC

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Go to the Release folder, copy ACPIBatteryManager.kext to /Extra/Extension and run myfix.

If this also doesn't work, look for AppleSmartBatteryManager.kext v1.32. You'll also need a patched version of AppleACPIPlatform.kext

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That did the trick!

-Wifi Works
-Touchpad works properly
-Sound works
-Battery Indicator works.
-Apple Store works

Next things to do:

-Enable brightness controlls
-I am not able to to use de 'delete' button on my keyboard. Als shortcuts like ''CTRL V and CTRL C etc are not working... Is there a way that i can map them instead of ALT v ...

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Yeah the key mapping i will try that later....


My first priority is to setup the brightness because my screen is kinda dark now. Also there is no Brighness slide bar in the display menu.


Can you give me a hint were i have to look up to fix this?

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Oke for some reasons my brightness problem is solved.. Its now at maximum power as i wanted :D


There are now only 2 things that I hope that could be fixed:


1. Sleeping mode. With Windows i can press the powerbutton and then Windows will go into sleeping/hibernade mode. Is something like this also possible for hackintosh?


2. For some reason, hackintosh resets my BIOS settings when its rebooted. Because i have to manually enable ACHI modes in my BIOS I have to change this each time when i reboot hackintosh. Is there a fix for this?

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