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Yosemite on Latitude E5520 with Clover


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As I wrote above, I tried to patch with no success... In fact, BT is useless for me ;-)


No way to deactivate Bluetooth (grey biutton) The known patch to inject DW375 device (413c:8187/16700:33159) in a plugin in IOBluetoothFamily.kext doesn't correct the problem.


You must have patched incorrectly; I had no problem activating on/off control from OS X for my DW375 whether in Mavericks or Yosemite. All that's required is to add the Broadcom card PCI ids to the BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport PlugIn of the IOBluetoothFamily kext:

<key>Dell DW375: PID 33159/0x8187, VID 16700/0x413C</key><dict>

DW375_Off.jpg DW375_On.jpg

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Removing all PS2 kexts and installing your kext and preferences pane, it's working just perfect :D

About battery percentage, i've applied the fix: "Fix Mutex with non-zero SyncLevel" and it worked.


I've extract my ACPI tables and patched them, the DSDT and the 3 SSDT files.

But one of SSDT  gives me this error: "Syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_PACKAGE""

Do you know how to fix it? and do i need to have the 3 SSDT files in /Extra folder?


For the last question, in Windows i only have 1333x720 so can i assume that i can't have 1920x1080?

I'm just curious since my model is 5520 and this thread talk about the 1920x1080. but the DSDT and SSDT of this thread it's not working on mine, so i made mine DSDT and SSDT files.


Many thanks

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You can only achieve max resolution if you have full graphics support/acceleration, otherwise OS X will limit the screen res. 1333x720 is not what I call a normal/regular screen resolution, so one can presume you do not actually have full QE/CI.


Re: SSDT, you would not normally patch the extracted files. That's not normally required. You would only use a patched DSDT and generate a SSDT via the generator script tool to manage CPU SpeedStep. As such, you would not re-use or patch the extracted DSDT files.

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