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ASUS N53SV running on Yosemite


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So i finally was able to get my N53SV running on Yosemite, but in order to do it, i had to use Clover as a boot loader.

I'm hoping someone here can help explain this crazy issue I'm having.

as a test i installed it on my spare 120GB seagate sata drive as to not damage my ML installation on my SSD that the guys here at OSXlatitude had helped me built.


once i had everything running perfect, i decided to clone the Yosemite installation from my 120GB Sata Drive to my 512GB SSD drive.

after the clone i get a kernel panic. so i figured something did not copy correctly. So i installed from scratch to my SSD drive, and again kernel panic.


Turns out the panic is being caused by the fact that i have disabled the trackpad on the Bios option for my laptop. (I hate it when I'm typing and the cursor jumps from touching the trackpad accidentally)

Then, i enable it and puff, the panic is gone machine works on the SSD drive.


Can anybody tell me why i don't get a panic with the trackpad disabled on the regular drive but i do get it on the SSD drive ? (they are both running Yosemite )


Now, i want to disable the trackpad, is there anyway that i can make the machine still boot up with the SSD drive even though there is that error of the trackpad disabled ? i mean i don't get the kernel panic if I'm using the regular hard drive.


Thanks in advance for any help


Please see attached picture of the panic screen.


(PS: I'm using same clover boot up options on both the regular drive and the SSD)


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Thanks for your reply Bronxteck,


No, I have not tried to boot without cache.

What will be the flag to do that ? Or the option ?

I only know 2





Also, do you have any idea why only the SSD goes in to panic while regular drive doesn't ?

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If you use a patched DSDT, one other thing to keep in mind is the possible mismatch between the info in the DSDT and the features disabled in BIOS. I've experienced this on my Precision 670 workstation: I use a patched DSDT made of a raw table extracted with the SCSI controller set to ON. If I then disable the SCSI controller in BIOS, boot will end up in KP.


You may try and verify this by manually bypassing the DSDT when you boot Yosemite, having disabled the trackpad in BIOS.

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Thank you all for chiming in...


-f and also the clover option of "no cache" did not work. I still got the Kernel Panic.

so to reboot, i had to re-enable my trackpad on the Bios.


I am using a patched DSDT. However i downloaded this DSDT from someone else's guide and then I Patched it using the Duallink patch for 1080p.

Other than that i think its beyond my pay grade sort of speak .. lol.

Really what i am puzzled by is the fact that same DSDT, same configurations, same everything on the regular drive, no Panic. Panic is only on the SSD drive.


Thats the part i don't understand.


I like having the option of just enabling and disabling the trackpad so i can use it when i take my laptop on the road.

are there any options on OS X that you guys know of to disable internal Trackpad on OS X ?


Thanks again.




I found the Option to "ignore internal trackpad when mouse is present" on the Accesability Menu.

But it didn't work. trackpad still enabled even though my USB mouse is plugged in.  :oops:

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Have a look inside the PS2Controller kext you've used. You might be able to remove the trackpad kext without affecting mouse operation. It certainly works on older laptops with ALPS trackpad.

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i went to clover options and selected Fix regions.

still Kernel panic with Trackpad enabled.

iLooking in to Herve solution, on my clover boot EFI kexts i don't have a PS2Controller kext.

i did have it when on Mountain Lion. I only have a ApplePS2ElanTouchpad




Problem is that the Big A sneaked a security update and now my iMessage and App store are broken, and to make matters worse I'm now getting random reboots. aagghh !!!  :x


on top of that i was going to just reload an earlier Time Machine Backup and turns out the Time Machine Harddrive is corrupted. (of course)


does anyone know if there is a fix for the iMessage and apple store break and is there a log i can get to see why am i getting the reboots ?


Thanks guys.

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