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Can't boot Yosemite Installer e6410-Nvidia


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I am unable to boot any version of OS X yosemite(10.10, 10.10.1,...) on my latitude e6410. I have tried both Chameleon and Clover and receive ACPI kernel panics. This is also affecting my El Capitan usb installer too.


Here are some steps I have tried to resolve this issue and they have failed:


  • Reset BIOS, Disable VT for Direct IO, Set HDD mode to AHCI.
  • Change Bootloaders from Chameleon to Clover
  • Place AppleACPIPlatform Kext inside Clover kext directory.
  • Have removed AppleACPIPlatform from S/L/E

Strangely this does not affect any distro's I have tried from booting into the installerl, but I would like to install using Patel's guide because the end result is much better than a distro.


My system specs are:


Dell Latitude E6410


NVS 3100M





Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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Oh and another strange thing I noticed was when opening launchpad or using the gpu there is a slight high pitch noise that is not present on other operating systems. Anybody have on ideas on this/ or are experiencing this on their dell e6410 nvidia laptops? Because I just want to know if this is okay and not damage to the laptop.

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how to know if that sound can damage your hardware ?

but for sure, something is wrong.


i know that bad hdmi audio can create noise on external screen when certain sound are played.

but if you have no external screen using display/hdmi port, then, try to reinstall properly.


here a wip of my install:


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