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Newb Install Help - E6420 El Capitan


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First off, thanks for providing this amazing resource ladies and gentlemen. It's much appreciated!


I'm a long time Linux user and am taking my first step into installing OS X onto older hardware.


I've run into some difficulty and am hoping for some pointers.


I have a Dell E6420, A21 BIOS, i5-2540M CPU, 4GB RAM, Intel HD3000 graphics, 1600x900 Resolution, 250GB SSD.


I followed the wonderful instructions in the following post using the E6220 boot pack:




However, I get stuck at one of two places:

1) With the stock + E6220 boot pack I get a kernel panic with message "pmLock: waited too long".

2) If I add NullCPUPM kext then I get a black screen that slowly turns all white. I did try to add DualLink into the Clover config.


I've been trying different things from the forums, but with less success. I still have yet to see an installer screen.


I do appreciate whatever time you can spare to help me get up to speed. I apologize If I'm missing something obvious, but this is all pretty new to me.

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Hey everyone, all is going very well with my Hackintosh project. I'm installed with an extracted copy of the SSDT and was even able to update to El Capitan 10.11.3 without any modifications to the boot loader or configs. I was able to stop using NullCPUPowerManagement as well. This board has been unbelievably helpful in achieving the state at which I'm in today.


I only have a few minor items remaining with which I need some pointers:

1) My battery meter goes to an X when I switch between battery and AC power. I understand this is a common problem.

2) I replaced my WiFi card with a DW1520/BCM43224 and my WiFi connection will sporadically disconnect/reconnect.


What I'm curious about are which DSDT patches would you consider standard for an E6420? I was able to patch and apply the DSDT, but lost my ability to use USB drives, so clearly I'm missing a patch somewhere. :)


I've attached the raw .aml files extracted by Clover F4 as well as an ioreg dump. While a custom DSDT would certainly be helpful, I'm also very interested in learning process. This will help me transition from asking for help to one day being able to provide help.


As always, thanks for any help or pointers you can provide!


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