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E6420 El Capitan booting Clover issue


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I have installed El Capitan in my E6420 following Jake Lo's "Dell Latitude / Inspiron El Capitan Clover Guide". (used E6220 bootpack).


I still have to fine-tune installation but I have one doubt regarding Clover boot: Why I can only boot legacy?


Even enabling UEFI in BIOS I can´t see UEFI boot entry after pressing F12....


My plans are to dual boot Windows 10, so partition must be GPT pure...



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Thx for the reply....


If I do so... my disk will be hybrid GPT... is that correct?


What about HFSPlus.efi... could address the issue without changing gpt?


EDIT: I had an idea... My goal is to dual boot using UEFI... what about install windows and use its EFI partition to house clover?

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I'm confused...


Is that something with my process?


Just formatted HDD with installation disk of MAvericks ( half disk GPT/GUID and half free space) then installed El Capitan ... didn't proceed with post installation... the EFI partition in OSX disk is formatted FAT32...


I'm reading a lot... and what I've learned and experienced is that if a GPT disk have a FAT partition windows won't install considering the disk GPT Hybrid...


What am i doing wrong?

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Formatting the EFI partition FAT16 will solve the UEFI boot issue... but not the Hybrid GPT table...


I'm considering keep clover in a pendrive to boot... but how to maintain the disk pure GPT? Can I format the OSX's EFI partition GUID/Journaled and then convert the disk pure GPT to install Windows?


Off-topic: I had the issue with CoreStorage (same as this topic: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8668-e6420-eo-capitan-cant-boot-from-hdd/) and was solved reinstalling the system...

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Just installed Clover in a pen drive and booted UEFI thanks to Jake Lo tip.... the installation of Clover was a bit different from the guide... later I will register it...


The boot time was way too fast....


But I still need to install W10 in the same disk....


Need some ideas... :D

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