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[SOLVED] e7440 can't boot after successful installed


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clover version r3330

all kexts and config are form here

it worked well in 10.11.3

while after updated to 10.11.4 

system boot  to     system uptime in nanoseconds:XXXXXXX    

then reboot



my hardware 

cpu:i7 4600u  


hhd: 256g sata-ssd &256g msata-ssd 

wireless&bluetooth :bcm94352hmb

1920*1080 ips


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I've got the same issue on my E6440 and E6230 since installing other updates after 10.11.4:

panic (cpu n caller 0x......): "Double fault at 0x......

I can only succesfully boot with Enoch option cpus=1. Try the equivalent with Clover if that exists. I updated 10.11.4 through AppStore, not combo update. I'll re-install 10.11.2/10.11.3 and retry with the combo in case it makes a difference.


There is definitely something fishy with 10.11.4 update.

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