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E6430 hangs during first boot


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I've recently bought an E6430 to run OS X on, and have followed Jake Lo's detailed walkthrough from November last year.  The installer runs fine, and I partition the drive and it runs, reboots to the USB stick, and I select the drive.  The apple logo comes up and it runs for a while then the screen goes light grey, with the mouse pointer - when I move the mouse it turns into the spinning wheel, and it just hangs there, with me still being able to move the pointer around.


The model I have is the i7, 120GB SSD, 8GB RAM, with the nvidia graphics alongside the intel graphics, 1600 x 900, BIOS A17.   The only question I had on the installer was which Generic EFI folder to use - the one crossed out, or the other one, but I've tried installs with both. I also picked the Ivybridge zip for 1600 x 900 or above screens.


Thank you for any advice you can offer.








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