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E6500 El Capitan General


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Hello, first of all I'm sorry if this kind of thread is not allowed but I'd like to keep a thread of discussion about El Capitan install on the Dell Latitude E6500. If it's not allowed, please lock/delete this thread.


OK, let's get to the point.

I have managed to boot the installer just fine, however I am not able to proceed with the installer as the installer only shows "Reinstall OS X" and not "Install OS X". As such, this has caused me to not be able to install the OS due to some "eligibility checking" mechanism. I never had this issue when installing Yosemite months ago.


Has anyone ran into this problem? How do I fix this?

Is it related to the installer that I used or did I do something wrong while making the installer?


Thanks a lot and if you have any tips and pointers or anything to discuss about El Capitan for the E6500 please do so here.




From here on, I will update my progress in this section.


20170319 1950 -- Installer now shows "Install OS X" instead of "Reinstall OS X" after following another guide to setup the USB installer. I will now proceed to with the installation.

20170319  2013 -- Still at "a second remaining".

20170319 2131 -- Finished with everything, including bootloader installation. El Capitan is buttery smooth. It's amazing.

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Got sound working with VoodooHDA. However, I just noticed that Clover cannot boot directly from the HDD (AppleUSBHCIPCI kernel panic) but boots fine through USB... Until I installed the kexts using Easy Kext Installer, where nothing works now. Great, I'll have to remove the kexts somehow.


The OS was able to load through the USB installer even without any kexts installed. I wonder what's wrong now.


But the most important issue is that I can't boot without the USB (see 1st paragraph). Does anyone have any pointers?


Thanks a lot! At this point I'm just considering jumping to Sierra if the AppleUSBHCIPCI is easy to fix (IF).

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Thanks for your help, Jake. I actually managed to fix the problem (God knows how) but it seems that the AppleUSBUHCIPCI.kext kernel panic was caused by the working USB port not having anything plugged in. I plugged in the mouse and it booted fine. Now I don't have to plug anything in at all.


By the way, I am quite surprised that I could watch 1440p videos on YouTube just fine on El Capitan. Are there any differences if I go for the Nvidia Web Drivers? Better or worse?

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Ok, I messed up. I accidentally closed the lid without disabling hibernation and now my laptop keeps restarting on its own. I have pressed spacebar, chose cancel hibernate wake, doesn't seem to work at all. Anything I can do other than reinstall?

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