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Glitch before full resolution


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Hi everyone, I've a little problem with my Asus k56cb Sierra 10.12.4 in signature.

I'm not able to give full resolution in Clover and when Sierra boots during Apple Logo there's a little glitch, after that enter full resolution and all works perfectly.

I,ve tried to put this patch in Clover with no success:


Name: IOGraphicsFamily
Find: 0100007525
Replace: 010000eb25

Comment: Boot graphics glitch, 10.12

MatchOS: 10.12.x


while in Clover resolution is setting exactly 1366x768 (change resolution works in the same way).

Clover 40.35

I attach screenshot of Clover, patch and Glitch.


Thanks in advance for any suggestion.




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I think I've found the problem...as you can see from bdmesg the patch is applied but Clover don't find the right resolution 1366x768!

I don't understand why.....in config as you see from second picture my settings in Gui is on 1366x768!

I use Intel Graphics, Nvidia's card not supported.



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