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[SOLVED] E7440: backlight issue ?


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hello, i thing i need your help...

after updating to last sierra, and last clover, everything was fine...

but today, when i start on Sierra , the apple is coming on the boot screen, and  it looks like the screen is going off... .

if i boot with HDMI connected to my plasma tv, Sierra is working fine on the tv.

it looks like the backlight on screen is going off.....

i'm now on win partition . 


thank for your help


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thank for your support and help.

i have discover intelBacklight.kext inside the folder kext /other.

after remove it, the laptop start, but without sound ?? 

copy again Kext from /LE to my hdd inside /LE, and now it is ok..

thank again , but i dont know how it's happen.

Problem fixed!

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That happens when you reduce laptop's display brightness at minimum and a shutdown occurs. You have to increase brightness with Fn+Insert when macOS boots up.


Also if you update let's say from 10.12.4 to 10.12.5 or any macOS update... you probably (it's best to) need to rebuild your kernel cache to avoid kexts not being loaded (sound, trackpad, etc) when the OS starts.


And it's recommended to keep your kexts updated to the latest stable versions available (just in case... keep your bootable USB close :P)

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