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    Hello Elan PS/2 touchpad users! SmartTouchpad kext was decent until Voodoo came with Magic Touchpad integration. Since then our friends with Synaptics PS/2 and I2C touchpads had much better support for their touchpads. Therefore, I have ported Elan support from Linux kernel into VoodooPS2 so that now Elan PS/2 touchpad can also emulate magic touchpad and it means it can support all native macOS gestures, including tools like BetterTouchTool! Why this is not included in VoodooPS2? Because the kext has to be tested first. It works well for me (asus laptop), but I would like to hear feedback from more users, from more devices. Both if it works and if it doesn't. Once it is confirmed the kext works well, it might be merged into VoodooPS2 main project. What should work? Actually, everything. Basic touch, two finger scroll, multitouch, three and more fingers gestures, apple touchpad settings panel - everything. How to install: Just like normal VoodooPS2 controller - just copy the kext to Clover/OC (and add appropriate entries to OC config in case you use OpenCore). If you already have VoodooPS2 controller - just replace the file with this release. Download: https://github.com/BAndysc/VoodooPS2/releases Special thanks to: Kishor Prins and whole Voodoo Input team Please leave feedback even if it works, it will help me to merge it into official Voodoo PS2.
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    Seems cumbersome and complicated to me; this is not a method we follow here. But everyone his/her own...
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    Enabling 4K External Display I had been seeing some queries about enabling 4K display for E7440 lately so I decided to spend some time on the matter. Unfortunately I don't own or have access to a 4K display but I do have a 2K display to test with. As expected the default settings can only display as high as 1080p. I did some experiments following existing guides found here in the forum and was successful getting 2K to display, I believe it should work for 4K as well. So here are the steps required: 1) Raise the DVMT pre-alloc from 32mb(default on this model) to 128MB in the BIOS. Since you can't access this setting from Dell's BIOS, you'll need to use the EFI shell to accomplish this. See my guide here. Below are the locations found for DVMT Pre-allocated and CFG Lock Set DVMT @ 0x255 to 0x4 Set CFG Lock @ 0xC8B to 0x0 (not sure if this necessary, but it didn't break anything) Here are the commands from EFI Shell: setup_var 0x255 0x4 setup_var 0xC8B 0x0 2) Update Config.plist file from bootpack above under Devices/Properties/PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x2,0x0) the following: framebuffer-cursormem = 00000003 framebuffer-fbmem = 00000003 framebuffer-stolenmem = 00000008 uncomment #framebuffer-unifiedmem by removing the # in front (Optional) That's it. FYI, the DVMT & CFGLock value will restore to default if you ever select Load Default in the BIOS. You'll need to redo the steps in #1 Updating BIOS does not remove the settings. Resources: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/10267-understanding-and-patching-framebuffer-haswell/ https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/8723-enabling-dvidphdmi-and-increasing-vram-with-intel-haswell4th-gen-hd420044004600etc-igpu/
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    Following are the features supported by the Smart touchpad driver in Mac OSX: Mouse mode Tapping Dragging Scrolling Swipes Zoom Rotation Clicking and Fingers Press Features Toggle Accidental inputs prevention and Palm detection Apple Trackpad Prefpane support Customization of features Enhanced Keyboard support Support for Asus Keyboard backlight with Idle Auto on/off Prefpane for controlling touchpad features [coming later as its got my least prority] For full details about each feature, check out the respective posts below. Supported OS X Action values to config gestures: 0 : To disable the gesture 1 - Applications Switch 2 - App close 3 - Launchpad 4 - Mission control 5 - Dashboard 6 - Left Space/Full Screen apps switch 7 - Right Space/Full Screen apps switch 8 - Application windows 9 - Minimize app 10 - Toggle Full screen Switch 11 - Backward 12 - Forward 13 - Desktop 14 - Notification center (keyboard shortcut) 15 - Show Properties/Info 16 - Hide/Show Dock 17 - Notification center (soft mode) 18 - Zoom reset (works in Photos, Browser etc., where it supports) 19 - Finder 20 - Force Quit 21 - Right click 22 - Middle click 23 - 34 as F13 - F24 35 - Left click
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