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  1. The only problem I had on v2 Elan a few weeks ago was with scrolling being inconsistent. The machine is currently disassembled so I wont be able to play with the trackpad until the weekend. Is your machine x64 or x86? edit: nm this information was in your first post. Try this debug build, and get me a log of your issue to pass along to the developer. To do this [note best done with a usb mouse attached]: Using the usb mouse so as to not create extraneous logs, open console find System.log on the left, and right click and view in finder Open System.log in a text editor cmd+a to sele
  2. I don't see anything wrong with your partition layout. I also don't see anything obviously wrong with your EFI partition and config.plist. Where did you get HFSPlus.efi? From Clover Configurator? If Clover cannot see Macintosh HD, how did you retrieve this partition map? Do you have another OSX partition, or are you switching back and forth between Clover and Chameleon? Next thing I'd check is if your BIOS is configured correctly. Walk me through the steps you're using to install Clover; also, please provide my a screenshot of the the options you chose in the Clover installer.
  3. Yup, you're right; it seems they both use QM77 chipset.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by "EFI is /EFI." Your EFI partition is mounting in the root directory? What method are you using to mount the EFI partition?
  5. Hardware status: [Working] Wireless (swapped to Dell DW1510) [Working] Ethernet [Working] Audio (including Internal Microphone, Line In/Out) [Working] USB2/3 (using native Apple kexts) [Working] Backlight [Working] Battery [Working] HD4000 Graphics (with full acceleration) [Working] VGA port [buggy] [Working] HDMI port (including audio over HDMI) [Working] SDCard Reader [Works OOTB] [Working] Webcam [Works OOTB] [Working] Keyboard/Trackpad (including Fn keys) [Working] Sleep/Wake [Working] Hibernate [Working] Facetime/iMessage This post assumes you've installed Yosemite and are booting with
  6. V5-171-6675 Post Install This post assumes you've installed Yosemite and are booting with the latest version of Clover. This post assumes a certain level of experience, and is meant more as a collection of solutions than a step-by-step guide. By the end of this post, all your hardware should work flawlessly, and OSX maintenance upgrades (e.g. 10.10.2 > 10.10.3) should install without trashing your system. Since there are different V5-171-* variants, my system specs are as follows: Acer Aspire V5-171-6675 Intel Core i3-2377M HM77 chipset (this is a mixed system, a sandy bridge processor o
  7. Zip up and post your /Volumes/EFI/EFI/Clover folder, please.
  8. We're going to need more than that to diagnose. Could you post a picture of the Kernel Panic you're getting? Edit: I'm also going to need your exact system specs (cpu model, chipset, etc.) as there are different (ivy bridge/sandy bridge) variants of the E6330. If you need to look them up, use CPU-Z in Windows.
  9. Can you give me an exact description of your gesture (finger position on the trackpad, distance between the fingers, how much of your fingers are making contact with the surface, etc.) so I can see if I can reproduce on my v2. We may need to schedule a debug session with you and the developer if I can't reproduce.
  10. Elan v2 hasn't received nearly the attention of the other trackpads in recent versions, however I have a v2 trackpad on one of my older machines, and since 4.3 I've had good (but not perfect) support. For your two finger tap, you might try incrementally lowering/raising this value in the driver's plist to see if you find a value that works for you. Maybe 3-5 steps at a time. <key>MulFingTapMaxDelta</key> <integer>55</integer> Failing that, 4.4.5 should be released soon; try that.
  11. Scroll down on Rehabman's Github to read on how to install the kext, but in general: Follow the link to the Bitbucket page to download the compiled kext. Install the FakeSMC kext (and only FakeSMC on a laptop) to wherever you currently have it installed, often found in Clover's kext directory on the EFI partition, /Extra/Extensions, /Library/Extensions, or /System/Library/Extensions. To check a directory, /S/L/E for example, for FakeSMC, fire up terminal and issue: ls -a /System/Library/Extensions/ |grep -y fake If the kext is in /S/L/E, use a kext installer like Kext Wizard or Kext utili
  12. There is no difference between the x64 and x86 versions of SmartTouchpad other than arch. The 32bit build is intended for those with 32bit processors that are stuck on Snow Leopard. What do you mean by sensibility? If you're refering to pointer speed, that can be configured in both the Apple System Preference Pane, as well as in the driver itself. Find more information on how to configure the driver here: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5966-details-about-the-smart-touchpad-driver-features/ Need more information. Please tell us what system you have, what version of Smart
  13. Going to need to provide more information: what version of SmartTouchpad are you using, and what trackpad do you use? A simple way to provide this is opening the terminal and entering this command: sudo dmesg |grep -y stdAdditionally, please post your modified plist from SmartTouchpad. I can confirm that assigning values 6 and 7 to swipes does work on the latest (and all versions I've tried) on an Elan v4 touchpad.
  14. Assuming you still have the machine (your signature lists it as donated), post an IOReg.
  15. You're talking about the SuperIODevice error? That comes from FakeSMC's plugins and can be ignored. The senor plugins are designed for desktops; if I'm not mistaken, the latest build of Rehabman's FakeSMC fork includes a fix for this: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-FakeSMC-kozlek Also noticed you're using version 4.3 of SmartTouchpad. 4.4 is out, and 4.4.5 will be out soon, including many, many bug fixes. Might be worth an upgrade.
  16. Did you enable single touch tap in system preferences? Also, you may need to move the scroll speed slider once before 2 finger scroll will work.
  17. What do you mean? You can always set the speed back to where it was. It's the physcial act of moving the slider to a new setting that gets two finger scrolling working the first time.
  18. Many laptops use calls to DSDT EC query methods to control brightness. On my system, for example, the brightness keys are Fn+LeftArrow (brightness down), and Fn+RightArrow (brightness up). On my machine, when you press the brightness down key-combo it calls EC method _Q11, and calls _Q12 for brightness up. The problem is that OS X has no idea what do with the results these methods produce when they are called. A DSDT patch is needed to fix the ACPI controlled brightness keys on a hackintosh. To make brightness keys function as expected when using EMlyDinEsH's Smart touchpad driver (v4.3+), i
  19. I have an Acer v5-171-6675 with a v4 Elantech touchpad. Your kext works brilliantly for all but the stock brightness keys, which, by default, are controlled by fn+LArrow & fn+RArrow. Using Rehabman's ACPIDebug kext, I've traced these keys to _Q11 and _Q12 in my machine's DSDT. If it were a Synaptecs driver, it'd be a simple matter of making a DSDT edit to make the keys function as expected. How does one go about this with your driver?
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