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[SUCCESS] DELL LATITUDE E5440 macOS Mojave 10.14 (Updated)


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After 2018-001 security update I had an issue with graphics (no login screen, can't boot graphics).

I have solved this problem, here is how:
1. Make sure you are running newest clover version on your HDD, contains package from this post (for Dell Latitude E5440)

2. Download LASTEST Lilu kext and intelgraphicsfixup kext, replace old one's with new one's

3. Make 2018-001 security update


Hackintosh should boot normally.

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You probably need to enable FixHeaders since you updated Clover, it's been moved to a different location. The original Config needs to be updated for this change.

Sleep and power management might not be implemented with NullCPUPOwermanagement.kext in the kexts folder. Remove it and see if it makes any changes.

Brightness patches had not been implemented as well, the boot files is using an old kexts that's stopped working since 10.12.4.

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I don't know propably how to enable FixHeaders and what have I to edit in config file but,

I have updated all kexts and removed NullCPUPowermanagement.kext, I will check if that helped.


List of bugs I have found:

- Brightness doesn't work (removal of NullCPUPowermanagement.kext doesn't helped)

- WakeUp and Sleep doesn't work

- HDMI output doesn't work
- VGA output doesn't work

- Sometimes system is not booting, (IGPU Busy error)

- After clover update, you are unable to boot up system. (stuck on +/- 20% and reboots)

- Touchpad gestures

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