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Dell Latitude E6520 nVidia - High Sierra Install Issues


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"Full QE/CI with HD 3000" means you'll get full graphics acceleration/support with the built-in Intel HD 3000 graphics of the i7-2620M CPU. There is no support for the discrete/add-on nVidia GPU and, since VGA and HDMI display ports are wired to the nVidia chip, these will not work either under OS X/macOS.

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Well, Thank you all!

I got it to boot to the install screen, formatted the drive to GPT/GUID & the partition to GPT/*AFS* I also tried GPT/HFS.


(Now there's two additional options available in Clover boot menu, 'PreBoot' & the named partition I created)

Though when I boot from either boot options from above, where High Sierra is 'installed on' I get the error:


"macOS could not be installed on your computer. The path /System/Installation/packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged." 


Anyone know how to solve this? ^^


I found this with no final solution:


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Use this command to create the installer the vanilla way


sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/"target_USB" --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app --nointeraction


Note: target_USB = name of the USB drive you're writing to


See full guide here 

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I already owe you more than a coffee Jake, though I can't seem to get it to work.


Still haven't been able to get the laptop to recognize the UEFI installer on boot. (UEFI boot is set on BIOS)

Also, when manually adding a boot option for UEFI, the BIOS hangs when viewing the items on the 'directory' and I have to force shutdown the PC.


All the following approaches did not give any different result from "/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing' when booting up from the 'final disk'.

Though when I get that message on the 'final disk' then open Disk Utility, it shows that the disk/partition size is only ~800mb.

When using the disk 'install .. High Sierra' the installation to the disk takes less than a minute.


So recently, with legacy boot, created the installer flash drive the Vanilla way 

Installed Clover then

-added the boot-pack suggested above to the existing EFI folder - X

-ripped that EFI folder, used the generic EFI folder in the guide here  and added the boot-pack - X


Once booted from 'install .. High Sierra' in Disk Utility I formatted the disk in 


- MacOS Extended

assuming it may have been a formatting issue with the disk.


Other forums suggest that the file is under a 'tmp' directory, on terminal even with enabling 'AppleShowAllFiles' I'm unable to locate the mpkg file


Any assistance is appreciated.

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The latest BIOS variation for my E6520 is A20, which is installed. I had UEFI boot working on A07, I've since upgraded to A08 then A20.


If you could clarify for me, the installer we create is approximately 5GB right, when installing macOS to the disk you want to boot from, that disk should be more than 5GB is size when the installer unpacks, correct?


My installer takes about a minute after selecting the disk to 'install' then automatically reboots and when I come around to Clover Boot menu again, the new disk is available for me to boot from.

When booting from it, Disk Utility shows that used space on the disk is approx 800*MB*, am I missing something?


After creating this *new disk, do I need go back to the mac where I created the *installer disk add the boot-pack with kexts, APFS.efi and all to the *new disk EFI folder (if it has one)?

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If it hangs when you try to add a boot option in BIOS, then you can't use UEFI, go with Legacy. You'll have to install Clover in Legacy mode as well.

The installer will copy the files to the install drive and reboot. You reboot with the USB and select "Install MacOS from ...".

You'll have to do this a couple of times before it's completed. 

Once you're able to get to the finish and to the Desktop, install Clover in Legacy Mode and copy the EFI from the USB to the installed drive.

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After using the installer, and allowing it multiple reboots, I return to the exact same screen where I'm required to install macOS to a disk, I've done that 3 times and the resulting disk has 500MB used space, so that isn't the correct approach in my case with Legacy boot.


@Bronxteck It may be that I need an updated APFS.efi as some users report that the latest version does not show the verbose logging when booting up. Currently booting into the installer takes 3-5 minutes of verbose logging until I get to the Apple logo with progress bar



Apologies the 'Install macOS High Sierra' app downloaded from the App Store is 5.21GB not the installer size, I'm using a 64GB flash drive.


I'm going to find a way to get UEFI boot working again on BIOS A20 (or go back to A07/A08 if possible).

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