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Looking for Help - E7270 FullHD Touch IPS


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when you mount EFI partition, it should be right next to the EFI folder

if not, then install Clover again, then time select under drivers64UEFI, check EmuVariableUEFI-64


to boot with -f, go to Clover Options. Next to boot, add -f after all the other boot arg or add it next to abm_firstpolldelay=16000 in the config file

Not sure if it even works, but worth a try

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native nvram only works with one of these options;





AptioMemoryFix is a better option then OsxAptioFix3Drv.


you need to remove/unselect any other version and also remove RC scripts and emuvariable


if you get boot issues then you might have to add boot flag slide=0

I have attached a clover installer that has both options


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Thank you Bronxteck now I have a nvram again!


I get to login screen without black display. My Brightness still doesn't work until wake up from sleep.


I used osxAptioFix3Drv because I use it on another hack and was felt more familiar. Should I give it another try with aptio or was it just to geht nvram back?


Removed / unselected emu-variable and RC script.


Should I pick them again now where the startup and nvram is fixed?


@Jake Lo

are your suggestions done with the created nvram or is it something I should try out now?


Thank you guys for helping me out that much.



could a wrong set patch in my dsdt cause the issue? I have no clue of dsdt. its just something someone told me I should check


//edit #2

i noticed that the boot to login without black screen works only if I waked up from sleep before. if I restart without sleep I need to get the login display working by max. brightness key. so it seems the hack book saves the last "settings of the display?"

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do you have -disablegfxfirmware defined in you boot flags I think the EXX70 series needs that


osxAptioFix3Drv is an older version of AptioMemoryFix

and as so AptioMemoryFix is maintained by it's developer so it has updated code compared to osxAptioFix3drv


Should I pick them again now where the startup and nvram is fixed?

​answer is no you only need that a for emulated NVRAM

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Thanks for the answer and your explanation! Next time I will use AptioMemoryFix then.


-disablegfxfirmware was already checked.


I attached my EFI and nvram. I got some help and tried another dsdt but there where no changes. The dsdt.aml_ is the one I got from Jake Lo. Also changed some parts in the config.plist but only to get wifi countrycode to German.


Right now im trying to build my own dsdt. thats giving me a really hard time because I don't know what to pick... 


@Jake Lo can u tell me what patches u used for my dsdt?


I think im very close to finish that "Project" I really appreciate your support!


Thanks a lot!



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