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Dell Latitude 7480 - High Sierra: Any how-to?


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I will try to help you. 


Thanks to @Jake Lo I have almost fully working Dell Latitude 7480 with latest High Sierra installed. 


If you still need help, let me know I will try help you with the installation and basic configuration. 

I cannot help you with ACPI tables you will need to ask someone else from the forum for help.


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Helo, i have same NB, 7480, and almost get all working, but cant do touchpad to work. this is insane i2c touchpad, no luck with it. And sound ALC264 is too low, and mic dont work properly. can you post you EFI folder ? 

Here is my config


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Helo, Jake Lo! 

Fanx for you help,  but steel no luck.

with patched DSDT - touch not work, and internal keyboard are switched off. 

With patched DSDT and PS2 kext (btw, why PS2? TP in i2C bus - DLL07A0  , TPD1) keyboard worked, but TP is not. 


TP work fine under Win10, Debian, Ubuntu... 


DSDT in my config already patched for i2c TP, may be in this trouble. 

Here is clear orign actual files.



Then i press to TP - keyboard are illuminate, but mousepointer do not move, key not work, and e.t.c.

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fanx for try to help me! (i2c remove temporality, foк testing).

Try to use you config, but no luck.

Do it : conf and kexts into EFI, (AppleBacklightInjector.kext put into /L/E ), rebuild cache, reboot and got KP.

with you files and conf - got CPU KP.

with you files my conf - got ACPI KP




revert to my conf, you kexts and my dsdt

Here is a new debug , with you kexts 


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