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Help me with my laptop on Mojave (Inspiron 5570)


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Ok. Maybe bios update messed this up . Maybe some other things changed , too.


Can I ask for a big favour ?

Can you help me again from the scratch , to get a full working hackintosh ?

Here are some notices :

1) I prefer acpi hotpatch , if possible.

2) AppleAlc layout id works best as for audio quality set to 13. But with 13 i have a major problem. When waking from sleep cpu stays at 100%. If this can't be fixed I can use layout 11 which doesn't have this problem (I can't figure out why this cpu 100% happens).

3) No audio form headphones , tried all layout. For now I use alcplugfix , but It would be great not have to use it.

4) Screen resolution at 1920x1080 makes fonts too small. If I use scaled then quality isn't too good. I found a hidpi patch , but It would be great if you have another solution.

5) I would like to have I2C support for my trackpad.


If you think I'm asking fro too much just ignore me. I don't even now why you should spent time to help me.

Thank you in advance , anyway.

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pretty much.

audio and i2c would have to be sorted by there respective developers

the font issue is a mac os issue so. i guess reading glasses might be in order

please remember that you are using a hackintosh that has no real support from apple. if you need that level of detail you might have to consider one of apples products. im not trying to be harsh but you might be expecting more then what your machine is capable of.

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