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AppleHDA Patch Request

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Hello everyone,


Post here if you need help with Patching AppleHDA or want to do it yourself but still needs help 


How to get Codec Dump :

   1. Use Ubuntu or Any Version of Linux Distro (Note : Use the latest version of Linux and Alsa drivers )
   2. Open Terminal and copy paste below Code :

cd ~/Desktop && mkdir CodecDump && for c in /proc/asound/card*/codec#*; do f="${c/\/*card/card}"; cat "$c" > CodecDump/${f//\//-}.txt; done && zip -r CodecDump.zip CodecDump

   3. On Desktop there’s a folder/file name Codec_dump
   4. Save this to safe place 


  Troubleshooting  :

      No sound/audio after installation :

          you must use IRQ Patch in DSDT or  Clover Config.plist 

           DSDT : use system IRQ patch from laptop patches

           Clover Config : Fix HPET, Fix RTC, Fix TMR  in ACPI => DSDT => Fixes 


            Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.20.24 PM.png


   Generate Troubleshooting files  :

  • DSDT or SSDT Patched if you using one 
  • Clover config.plist
  •  IOregistery saved file using IOregisteryExplorer v2.1
  •   Mac OS version you are on 
  •   Screenshot of System Information/Hardware/Audio/Intel High Definition Audio 
  •   Clover files
  •       i  Clover config.plist 
  •       ii Clover bootlog -> Type in Terminal below commands : save ouput 
  •        bdmesg 
  •   Type in Terminal below commands : save ouput 
  •     kextstat | grep -y AppleHDA 




      IOregisteryExplorer v2.1 :

        IORegistryExplorer v2.1.zip

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