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Dell Vostro 5568: macOS Catalina optimisation


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Yeah I think that was there fixed with alcid=56. No perfect Audio through headphone anyway(Now I am trying each layout one by one). And I don't know why laptop just shut downs sometimes when I am plugging and unplugging headphone. :(


Update: Thank you Jake for giving me proper advice. I found one of the Ids is working fine for me right now. And that layout thing probably solved the shut down thingy which happened sometimes while plugging unplugging headset rapidly.


I am checking for the issues related to touchpad after sleep right now. Will update in sometime :) Again thank you.


EDIT: So it turns our using Rehabman-Voodoo-2018-1008.zip the trackpad works but no gestures work So I shifted back to included VoodooPS2.

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Tried that headset audio gone :( So I guess I am stuck with this choice. But anyways I am more concerned about this touchpad thing than the mic as I don't use mic more often (as of now). The touchpad doesn't work after sleep(after 4-5 min or so) , if I open in no time or instantly touchpad does work. I tried Rehabman's voodooPs2 from the bitbucket but no gestures :(

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