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Triple boot with OpenCore (Latitude 7480)

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Jake, your EFI folder posted here worked beautifully, and I also managed to get Messages, etc. working under Catalina with this. Thanks. I needed something to ease the move to OpenCore. One thing I have noticed is that the Linux install on the same machine isn't automatically detected - OpenCore shows Windows and macOS only. Clover sees all 3. Is there a way to allow OpenCore to detect Linux installs, or is manual intervention needed? (This might be somewhat off-topic asking about OpenCore+Linux, but a 3-way boot on this machine has proved very useful up to now so I wanted to take the risk in asking)

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Hi phil,


I'm encountering the same windows-boot-failing through OC, even if dortania says it is supported. I still don't understand why and it's a little bit frustrating..

Jake said some time ago it's a known issue of OC, but I hoped they solved somehow..

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OC and it's patches affect all OS's system wide as opposed to clover only patching for MacOS.  and OC was designed that way from it's inception. so most likely windows and all operating systems will always be affected by directly booting OC. if possible boot windows from the bios boot selection menu. 

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