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Dell Precision 5510: Unable to use 4k built-in screen


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What are those screenshots meant to show us?


I'm seeing the icon of an external monitor, i.e. what would normally be shown as a 2nd display on a laptop or as main screen on a desktop or what you'd obtain with the SMBIOS of an iMac/MacPro. When running on a laptop with a MB/MBP SMBIOS, any properly detected built-in screen would be normally shown as a laptop screen.


Could you remove those FakePCIID kexts and check if it makes any difference?

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Got the following tips from Hervé:
Try and:
remove those FakePCIID kexts, they're all mostly deprecated now and should no longer required
add igfxonln=1 boot arg
change SKL framebuffer to recommended layout to 0x19160000 rather than 0x191b000
inject your EDID hex chain as an iGPU property.
switch to MPB13,1 SMBIOS, a dual-core/HD540 model, rather than MPB13,3 which is a quad-core/dual-GPU (HD530+AMD Radeon Pro 450)



Unfortunately, only the int. display runs choppy


(You have helped me many times now, would like to show my appreciation. How can I donate to you?)




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In the meantime I have tried all AAPL,ig-platform-id's for this CPU.
With and without:
AAPL00,overwrite-no-connect string.
SMBIOS MBP 13,3 / MBP 13,1
boot arg igfxonln=1 / -igfxmlr / agdpmod=pikera / gdpmod=vit9696

Is there still a chance to get the 4k monitor running?

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