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Lenovo Z70-80: Monterey 12.0.1 doesn't sleep and wake up correctly


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Hi everyone, I request a little help to solve my problem in my Lenovo Z70-80 Intel Core i7-5500U Broadwell. In past i don't remember who helped me about the same problem. in that time I was using macOS Mojave in the same laptop and I could fix the same problem of this topic. I was using Clover in that oportunity.


In this case I'm using OpenCore and I created a fresh installer and EFI folder. I made it using the Dortania Guide to my processor in this laptop. I going to attach my past folder with Clover to macOS Mojave and my current folder with OpenCore.


Thanks in advanced.


PD. I have to say in addition that when I was using macOS Mojave in past with the Clover bootloader. I had the best brightness using control keys but in current time using OpenCore I don't know the brightness is a little less or better say is not powefull like in past with the another macOS. Maybe I need to fix something else to get a better brightness with OpenCore bootloader? @MaLd0n @Jake Lo please your support


My specs laptop

Intel Broadwell i7-5500U

Intel HD5500 graphics

NVidia graphics disable in BIOS

16 Gb DDR3





Wireless and Bluetooth (the wireless card is a native from macbook pro, I'm using with adapter)

Battery Status


Doesn't work

Sleep (when i send to sleep it works)

Wake (when I press a key it reboot the system)


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Hi @Baio77 I tried the EFI folder modified by you but I have the same problem. It sleeps but when I press a key to wake up the system it reboots immediately. On the other hand, before posting my problem, I hadn't noticed the battery status issue. I checked the EFI folder that you modified and I saw several changes but despite that I have no battery status, nor solved the issue of waking up the system.

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