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Latitude 5480 (Skylake): Need help for Ventura


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I have a fully functional Monterey 12.6.1 installation with below laptop:


Latitude 5480

OpenCore 0.8.5

i5-6300U 2.4 GHz (Skylake)

Intel HD 520


I tried updating config.plist to include below entries and started a clean Ventura installation. After formatting disk and starting installation, the progress bar stops at 13% then immediately black screen with no access to log file.


Please help, thank you.


1. GenSMBIOS to MacBookPro14,1

2. Skylake to Kaby Lake GPU spoofing:




I also tried this but same error:




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You should post a zipped copy of your bootloader's EFI folder.


To install and run Ventura, Skylake laptops require:

  • injecting the iGPU properties you've used (see note below)
  • using SMBIOS MBP14,1 which you've done
  • injecting Whatevergreen kext v1.6.1 or later (but basically update your essential kexts like Lily & Plugins to latest versions)
  • removing SyncRuntimePermissions booter quirk
  • Clover r5148 minimum or OpenCore v0.8.5 (the recommended version for lacOS 13.0) which you use


Other than that, it should be the same setup as used for Monterey.


NB: out of the 2 sets of iGPU properties you posted, both can equally be used afaik (see my deprecated Ventura beta threads in Archive section) but you would indeed require to uncomment those con1 patches to obtain HDMI video output & audio.

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Thank you Herve, I read through your posts in the archive section and that's how I got the iGPU settings. I was testing and tried commenting out sections to see if it made any difference (it didn't). Prior to installation I updated all the kext with Lilu-and-Friends; WhateverGreen is version 1.6.2. I attached my EFI minus wifi kext and resources directories.


Also checked SyncRuntimePermissions:




EFI_085 Ventura 2.zip

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You should boot in verbose mode to begin with. I'd say there's a good chance your trouble comes from lack of USB ports mapping (either your own port mappings or default kext USBInjectAll). You should also remove your XHCILimit quirk.

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Thank you. I corrected the kext to MPB14,1 as suggested. 


As it turned out, a couple of NVRAM resets and my Ventura installation continued and completed successfully. A couple of remaining issues:

1. Laptop reboot itself at login prompt. I had to install alpha version v2.2 of Airportltlwm.kext for Ventura and all seems well. Is there a stable version of v2.1 for Ventura?

2. Can't turn on Bluetooth. Both BlueToolFixup and IntelBluetoothFirmware are installed. Could this be related to USB mapping?

System Info for USB showing Bluetooth at location ID 14600000 



USBMap does not detect any device connected at that location (14600000) and port (6):



Under Bluetooth, it's listing a device I do not have (Broadcom?)


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Brilliant, updated BlueToolFixup.kext and Bluetooth is now working, thanks!


One other issue I just discovered, when computer goes to sleep it actually shuts down with a crash message when turning back on. Any idea on how to go about resolving this?

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