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ELAN, FocalTech and Synaptics (Smart Touchpad) Driver (Mac OS X)

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By "needs to be configured at keyboard shortcuts" EMlyDinEsH means that when you make a trackpad gesture that is set to open launchpad (for example) it doesn't actually directly open it, instead it just do a keyboard shortcut, and you have to match that exact keyboard shortcut with launchpad in system preferences (if you set a different shortcut for launchpad in system preferences, the gesture doesn't work), but the documentation is not updated to v4.7 (as you can see in the part you quoted) and there is no mention of what these shortcuts he set as a workaround actually are (notification center is the only one mentioned but is wrong), I had to figure those out with a third party software that detected keys pressed when I made the gestures (ukelele).


For anyone actually interested in knowing it, this is what I found (QWERTY ISO layout):

1 - Applications Switch: command+"left arrow"

2 - App close: command+"right arrow"

3 - Launchpad: control+shift+command+L

4 - Mission control: control+up

5 - Dashboard: F12

6 - Left Space/Full Screen apps switch: control+"left arrow"

7 - Right Space/Full Screen apps switch: control+"right arrow"

8 - Application window: control+shift+command+A

9 - Minimize app: works as expected (command+M)

10 - Toggle Full screen Switch: alt+command+F

11 - Backward: alt+command+"["

12 - Forward: alt+command+"]"

13 - Desktop: F11

14 - Notification center (keyboard shortcut): control+shift+command+N (and not command+shift+N as stated in the documentation)
15 - Show Properties/Info: works as expected (command+i)
16 - Hide/Show Dock: alt+command+D (but it doesn't seem to work)
17 - Notification center (soft mode): doesn't work
18 - Zoom reset: works as expected (command+zero)
19 - Finder: alt+command+space (but I'm not shure what it should be doing, doesn't seem to work)
20 - Force Quit: work as expected (alt+command+esc)
21 - Right click: doesn't work as right click, instead it works as "20 - Force Quit" (alt+command+esc)
22 - Middle click: doesn't work

33 - should work as "F23" instead it's the real right click, but only when set to a tapping gesture

34 - should work as "F24" instead it's the real middle click, but only when set to a tapping gesture
35 - Left click: work as expected but only when set to a tapping gesture


The documentation really need to be updated, otherwise the kext cannot be configurated properly

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I've just installed the kext and I got the trackpad preferences panel working but I'm not able to use any kind of multitouch feature, for example I can't even use two fingers to scroll. Any idea or suggestion? 
Thanks in advance


I have a Lenovo 500s 13isk and it should have an Elan touchpad

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Hi, I installed the latest version(4.7 beta 5) and got problems...


My touchpad isn't working at all... Though I can see the settings in the preferencepane. When I install voodooPS2controller, my touchpad works just as a mouse...And it doesnt recognized as a trackpad ethier.


Any suggestions? Thanks for the help

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I've had adjust my keys to change the brightness in my DSDT. The method _Q12 and _Q11.

But after installing this kext, my keys doesn't work anymore.


How I can solve that?

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