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ELAN and FocalTech (Smart Touchpad) driver Issues

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Aloha all !


I am having a really hard time with the 4.6.8 version of this kext. A single left click results in 10+ clicks and and some clicks toward the center of the trackpad change the desktop and oftentimes, just the slightest contact with the trackpad causes a click, sometimes not !


I find myself needing to use a mouse to get anything done. I have also tried the last production version with the same results.


This behavior was sort of present on my Acer 5755 but manageable but on this Asus Q500a, it's a real killer.


Is anybody else using this kext on an Asus Q500a and if so, could I see your Info.plist file ?








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OK, so I figured out what kept making me change desktops ... setting VirtualMiddleButton to NO fixed that.


But what controls the tap repeat sensitivity ? Mine is out of control.


Where can the help on this extensive Info.plist be found ?



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Well, thank you. Not sure how that could have been any more obvious. I was sure lazy here.
OK, I have most everything working the way I like it except for the keyboard backlight.
The F3 & F4 keys do nothing. All of the other F keys for audio, video illumination, sleep, etc. all work fine.
I have turned on the K/B backlight options in the config file, added the 16 level brightness patch in the DSDT, and do load AsusNBFnKeys.kext.
I am seeing the AsusNBFnKeys error: "Cannot find method ALSS" while booting.
Found the ALS patch but have no ALS device in my DSDT.
I have an Asus Q500a.
Anybody out there have  K/B backlight control with this laptop ?
I'm running 10.12.6.
Thx !

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Hey, hey, thx again but this time looking through this thread does not really help.

I've also consulted a much older thread specific to AsusNBFnKeys.kext. No help there either :(


Seems as though I require some custom mods to my DSDT that I am missing and have  no basis to add.


I have already activated the K/B backlight options in the ApplePS2SmartTouchPad.kext, have the AsusNBFnKeys.kext installed AND have tried the basic DSDT mods for both 4 and 16 level K/B backlight brightness adjustments as advised.


Thanks to AsusNBFnKeys.kext, I have all F keys working as they should with the exception of F3 and F4, K/B backlight+/-.


My K/B backlight works initially when I boot up but then goes away with sleep and does not return after wake.

The F3 and F4 keys never do anything and often, I need to boot into Windows before booting back into Mac just to get the backlight to initially illuminate again.


Anybody with Asus K/B backlight success out there ?



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I have an Asus GL551JW, with brightness keys working fine. If you want help, please post your DSDT and SSDT, and I can take a look.

Also, please post the spec/model number of your machine.




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Aloha Zach, appreciate the response :)


I have an Asus Q500a which is an Ivy bridge laptop. Looks like yours is a Haswell ... still worth a shot.


I am very curious what you will come up with.  My unmodified DSDT is attached so as not to influence your research.


Could you also post your DSDT, with the keyboard backlight mods, if you had done any ?


Did you do any DSDT mods to get your F3/F4 keys working ?  Did you need the AsusNBFnKeys.kext ?


Interestingly, the keyboard backlight patch file provided online by the talented author of this kext (EMlyDinEsh) is named for a Haswell/Ivy system but the notes within the mod file seem to indicate that it is good only for a Haswell system.


I had incorporated both the 4 and 16 brightness level mods with no effect on my dead F3 and F4 keys :(


Server keeps uploading my whole file and then I get : "The server returned an error during upload" for a 57K zipped .dsl file.


I will try again later ...

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