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ELAN and FocalTech (Smart Touchpad) driver Issues

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Hi there!

Sorry for the delay, been a bit busy.

You can find my DSDT/SSDT edits here: https://github.com/zacharyrs/GL551JW-Hackintosh

I did use the Asus kext, along with the patches, which you can see in that repo.

Preferably, could you upload both your original DSDT, and also your modified version. I'd recommend just sticking it on Google Drive.

Unfortunately I'm going away for a few days, with no computer, so I'll have to get back to you when I get back home.

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No problem. Thanks again.


I downloaded your mods. Looking at your SSDTs, I can see you made the same K/B backlight mod that I have. Your  FKey mods look to be for the LCD display backlight +/- rather than the K/B backlight +/- tho'. Do you do add'l mods in your main DSDT? I didn't see a DSDT in your files, only SSDTs. Perhaps you prefer to leave your DSDT untouched. If you modified your main DSDT, I would certainly like to see that as well.


I don't usually touch SSDTs, I just modify the main DSDT.


This site looks like it's still down for uploading so ...




Has my original and modified DSDTs. Just search for "FIX:" and you will find all of my mods in DSDT.4.


Lmk if anything jumps out at you.


Thanks again :)

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Hi, I've just installed your lasted version(4.7 beta5) and successfully loaded touchpad prefpane.

But after installing, my touchpad isn't working at all...

Can't even touch anything or move around...

Is there any solutions I can solve this problem?


ps. sorry for bad english...

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Hi again, been a bit busy.


I opted to use hotpatching over static patches, as it makes my mods more future proof, and also easier to customise for other users. I'd suggest reading into it, and using it too!


All patches related to the keyboard are under the PS2K file, as linked. I also utilise clover patches to rename and replace methods, which you'll understand if you read about hotpatching.


I can't take a deep look at your dsl file right now, but it doesn't even want to compile for me. Honestly, I'd suggest starting over and doing everything manually with hotpatching.

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Oh don't worry.  Thanks for the effort.


As I said, our K/B backlight patch is identical and you are not even patching the F3/F4 keys so this tells me that your Fn Keys are performing properly w.o. you even needing to fix them so how can you be expected to help me fix a problem that you have not experienced ?


I know all about patching through Clover and often use it when needed for "on the fly" kext patching, etc. That's how I get my HDMI working for this rig amongst other things. I do, however, prefer to just simply keep as many fixes as possible within a single place, namely my main DSDT file. If you know of a Clover patch that can help get my K/B backlight popping then I'm definitely onboard with that.


If it matters, send me the compiler errors that you are seeing and I'll help u. Or I can supply the compiled version for you to decompile. I just figured that you would prefer to see the comments to more easily follow the changes that I made to the original.  There were quite a few.


If you use Clover to patch your DSDT rather than edit and recompile it yourself then I would need to see your clover.plist as well.

But if all that you are using are the prepackaged patches like DTGP, OSI, RTC. etc then don't bother, I do all of those directly.


Can't compile ? Hmmm ... definitely compiles for me. Maybe it's a versioning problem ?


No matter. It sounds like I am just wasting your time here.


Thanks again !

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Yeah, they worked without much hassle. To double check, you do have the AsusNBFnKeys kext right? Think it's version 2.6?


I'd honestly say Clover hotpatching is nicer, because it leaves everything modular, but I guess it's more up to you in the end.

I don't think I have any specific patches for keyboard backlight in Clover, but my config.plist is in that repo (config.plist.src).


The compiler just doesn't seem to think the DSL is a valid tabled source, so it doesn't even bother trying to compile.

Seems to work via command line though, but there are a lot of remarks and warnings.


Having just looked back, I realise you do have AsusNBFnKeys, so that's not the issue. The ALSS method I suspect is for the ALS sensor, which doesn't matter either. Perhaps your methods are on a different ACPI path, though I'm not sure. I'd take a look, but honestly I haven't touched ACPI since getting my laptop working. Again, I'd push for hotpatching as it makes everything more understandable.


Actually, looking around a bit more, perhaps this post is of use: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-focaltech-and-synaptics-smart-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/?p=58148. It appears your SLKB method is quite different to others, and I can't see any mention of KBLV throughout your DSDT...

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Yep, I wonder if you even require the K/B backlight patch in your SSDT. Did you try your K/B backlight w/o it ?


Yep, I don't think that there are any clover patches for K/B backlight, hence "hotpatching" is not really relevant here.

Believe me, if I could find clover patches for the K/B backlight, I'd try 'em !


Hey, if you can compile my DSDT from the command line but not from a GUI tool, what does that tell you about the tool ? Lol !


It's not the number of warnings and remarks so much as types that matter. Unused vars are no biggie, right ?

But what are u gonna do with my DSDT after you compile it anyway ?


My ATKD.SKBL() and ATKD.GKBL() came from a well published patch by the author of this kext and are pretty much identical to yours and all others that I have seen. My DSDT does not have the "KBLV" variable, it has "KBLD" so I changed KBLV to KBLD in the patch code rather than rename KBLD throughout my DSDT to KBLV.  That's pretty obvious if u inspect at my DSDT source. While I agree that every tool possible should be considered to hack these pcs, I would prefer not to lose sight of the importance of being as familiar as possible with the ins and outs of direct DSDT modding. I believe that this is still central to full success.


Yes, I absolutely agree that figuring out the proper PCI0.LPCB.EC0.WRAM address seems key right now.


Unfortunately, that thread proposes 2 addresses that I have already tried, the one that you use, for Haswell-based Asus and the other, for a Broadwell-based Asus. My Q500a is a generation older than yours, Ivy-bridge. So perhaps my secret door lies at yet another memory address.


Might be time to do some snooping on the Windows side using RWEverthing or Aida64 ...


Anyway, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve and so the hunt goes on. If I get the keyboard backlight then I will have a near perfect HackBook Pro.


Sleep, SpeedStep, video acceleration, USB2, USB3, internal speakers, HDMI video and audio, WiFi, ethernet, all other FKeys, WebCam, sD card reader, etc.


Just the microphone and K/B backlight remain.


Thanks again for attention and good luck in your projects !

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I Have a Lenovo Y50-70 (High Sierra) with ELAN. I delete voodooPs2 kext, and install (via kext utility) Smartouchpad 4,7 beta 5 , but I can't use double tap until i don't click on the correlated voice in prefpane (each time) and the cursor is instable... like if it "jumps", not big moves/jumps, but it never be stopped. How can I fix it?

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Aloha -


Happy to report that there was a happy ending to this saga. In hindsight, this was probably not the appropriate topic under which to discuss a keyboard backlight issue. I moved the issue over to another topic and did ultimately get it figured out.


Just in case anyone else finds themselves here looking for a solution to a nonworking keyboard backlight on an Asus laptop - particularly, the Asus Q500a ...




But all keyboard backlight issues are probably best researched over there along with other matters specifically involving the function keys on Asus laptops.



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