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ELAN and FocalTech (Smart Touchpad) driver Issues

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hello. I'm using msi ge60 2pl apache laptop and using applepd2smarttouchpad ver4.7 beta5. I checked in window manager. it show my keyboard is ps/2 keyboard. ur kext worked for me, but is there any way to use Fn key as normal keyboard (not using shif+caps lock)?

your set up with sift+caps lock + key is perfect. but when I'm using fn+F3 or special key from my keyboard it alway turn on/Off sound. or when I press Fn F6 to turn on/off my camera, it alway become brightness up.
hope u help me fix it. thank you very much (and sorry for my bad English)

I hope new update will have an option to make fn work as shift + caps, so we can chose method to use shift + caps or fn or contex menu


PS: my keyboard look like attached. fn+f3 and special key which have yellow led alway turn on/off sound. fn+f4, fn+f6 alway become up/down brightness. fn+f10 not work but it not important. fn+f12 worked. all of another working perfectly.



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I have an Aero 15x V8 Laptop with an Elan PS2 Touchpad. I'm on High Sierra 10.13.5

I use this driver which works with my trackpad and allow to access Sysprefs>Trackpad Options.


However, i have 2 issues : 

-The trackpad often freezes for 1-2 seconds, especially after clicking but not only.

-The options made on Sysprefs>Trackpad are working but not upon reboot. (For example if i check double finger tap=contextual menu, it works. But upon reboot it doesn't work anymore. If i open Sysprefs>Trackpad, the option is still checked. If i uncheck et recheck the option, it works again... until reboot).


I've tried v4.5, v4.6.5, v4.7 beta 5


Anyone having the same issue? Any idea on how to resolve this?


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hi I have installed 10.13.6 on Asus n550jk and I am using your driver 

I have faced some issues:

1- when I assign launchpad to any gesture it's not working

2 - edges is not working

3 - I can't assign right click an middle click to mt desired gesture

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i finished install mojave all things work ,but when move pointer by tarkpad or mouse
i see not sensitivity and inexactness and Deviation in motion


i am used app cursersence for make mouse and tarckpad better 
my mose is better now 
but i cant found tarckpad in list devices in app to change setting for it 
plz help me


my laptop hp probook 450 g5 i7

pad: Synaptics HID ClickPad

        Hid complaint mouse

        PS/2 Compatible








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