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Inspiron 1545 & OSX Snow Leopard / Lion


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Does anyone know what bootpack I should use, the one for Latitude D630 worked great on my old laptop, but I want to get this one triple booting Fuduntu, OSX Lion or MLion and Windows 7.


So since I am not sure which bootpack would work, here I am.


Things I do know are similar to the Latitude D630:


Wifi Card

Processor is really close, D630 is better

Intel Chipset




Intel HD4000 graphics, D630 had x3100

IDT HD Audio, D630 had realtek I believe?


Thanks in advance.


Topic edited to reflect what I have gotten to install and what I am to acheive.


Adding links to other threads.




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Your system is not in our list yet, so no bootpack. As such, all the work has to be done and we'll be very happy that you contribute to add the Inspiron 1545 to EDP.


Try to install OS X with myHack + Generic Extra. If that does not work, then browse for the closest match to your machine within the list of supported systems. CPU is not that important (since a given machine can support a wide range of CPUs of a given family, sometimes even several families!), what's critical are things like chipset and graphics card.


If you get to install OS X with myHack + Generic Extra, roll up your sleeves and prepare yourself for the fine-tuning phase, i.e. adding the necessary kexts to support your specific hardware. Start by listing the complete and detailed hardware specs of your machine (CPU, chipset, RAM (Qty, type), HDD (size, type), video (card, model, resolution), networking, etc, etc.). Go look for your model's manual on Dell's web site, it should have a specifications annexe towards the end. Also prepare yourself for probable DSDT patching.


We'll help you along the way, especially with the DSDT patching. Just follow the thread about it, it details the full procedure step by step.

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I might try that later today, I have to get vmware up so I can make the myHack usb drive again, here are the 2 important specs you mentioned.


North Bridge Intel GM45/GM47 Revision 07
South Bridge Intel 82801IM (ICH9-M) Revision 07
Name Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family
Adapter RAM 1804MB
Color Depth 32 bit
Vertical Resolution 96dpi
Current Refresh Rate 59Hz

Video Processor Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family Adapter

DAC Type Internal
Adapter ID Mobile Intel® GMA 4500MHD

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Now we're beginning to talk...


1st thing first: GMA 4500MHD = no ML installation or, at least, none that'll support QE/CI. You'd get full screen resolution at best, but no hardware acceleration as it's not a graphics card supported by ML. In fact, I don't believe it's supported by any versions of OS X... :unsure:

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I was thinking about ML, but I used Lion before, it wasn't bad, but I had boot issues from something I did to try to get the x3100 acceleration going.


I ran into a issue, to run the virtual machine to use myHack, I would need to swap processors since this one does NOT support vt or vt-x, so I cannot run the vmware I have to create my bootable usb, any suggestions?


I have dual layer dvd's and dvd-r, but prefer to use my 8gb thumb drive as I do not have thermal paste to use for after the cpu swap.

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