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New voodoops2controller.kext out by ANV aka Andyvan

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EDP 1.8 has 4 different options for trackpad on a new machine build, out of the 4 i believe slice has probably made 3 of those options. so if it's possible he will tell you...lol. just try the one that suits your needs best. it is difficult to have complete native features because of bus architecture new macs use usb bus as compared to older dells that use ps2 bus... which apple stopped supporting since probably early PPC days... heck come to think of it i have a 400mhz g4 PPC "sawtooth-agp" Mac-Pro and it uses usb. I hope that sort of makes sense or clarifies any thoughts.

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Thanks, I do see that screen in preferences, though I don't know about the "right" ps2 version and how to test for it. Multi - touch is a two finger touch that allows the track-pad to be used for scrolling when two fingers touch. I've resorted to the right edge and bottom edge scroll which is OK for me now, but it would be nice to get the multi-touch "two finger scroll" working.



Download EDP1.8 and install it. After it loads EDP and you can start making selections, build for your laptop. At PS/2 selections, pick option 4. It allows for two-finger scrolling on most Latitudes with ALPS touchpads, however the two-finger scrolling speed is a little fast. Haven't been able to slow it down any, but it is working on my D520.

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first post! and its running sweet. but i didnt follow full steps.. oopps i had to!


the first post newest driver didnt work for trackpad in D620 GMA950 so i investigated why others worked.

the voodootrackpad.kext info.plist has ProductID 547.

i removed and it works but the tap is too sensitive. so right click is hard to use cause u touch the pad and it clicks instead of letting me move to the menu of right clic. if u keep finger on touchpad and right click it works fine.

and best of all SCROLLING WORKS!


but it shows input timeout on -v .. but works fine


btw i had made a dsdt for 620 last year that would sleep but wake up with the card reader issue and freeze with screen. (i had posted it in leppys guide post #1039)

im going to compare them to see where issue might be. i was also thinking to internally hack the card reader to disable it.. like pin 20 tape trick but pin x desolder :P

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Now I begin to work on PS2 Trackpad. What I see:

Feb  5 16:04:11 MacDell kernel[0]: ApplePS2Controller: Timed out on mouse input stream.
Feb  5 16:04:11: --- last message repeated 1 time ---
Feb  5 16:04:11 MacDell kernel[0]: [ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint] getModel
Feb  5 16:04:11 MacDell kernel[0]: [ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint] E7: { 0x63, 0x03, 0xc8 } E6: { 0x00, 0x00, 0x64 }
Feb  5 16:04:11 MacDell kernel[0]: [ApplePS2ALPSGlidePoint] ALPS Device? No


It is not ALPS?! blink.gif

0x63, 0x03, 0xc8 -- for ALPS it must be 0x02!

I need information from private drivers for Windows. Anybody?


Sorry for the noob question, but how do you get that information with the ID? From OSX Log Console?

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An early development to fix multitouch for Elantech Trackpad was started at http://www.insanlynac.com/forum/ and needs programmers to help port the Linux driver.


The project has the code on GitHub and picks up where ProjectOSX ALPS VoodooPS2 stopped.


Cavendish is leading the development process.


We are looking for programmers to look at the code.


For now testers confirm the same output from Elantouchpad as there was from ALPS code.

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